• Pixel Charmander

    A Pixel Pokemon I created just for a bit of fun in an afternoon, testing pixel art for another project idea

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  • CSS Art - South Park Butters

    First attempt at CSS Art

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  • Psychoactive Calculator

    A trippy calculator built in VanillaJS

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  • Super Stylish ToDo App

    ToDo App using Local Storage to save selections locally

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  • e-commerce shopfront

    A single page e-commerce site designed to be responsive whilst as DRY as possible

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  • Previous Website

    This portfolio is number two, this was the previous iteration build in Svelte, before a rebuild in NextJS

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  • Resume

    Originally built as a separate website but since integrated into this one

    'Command+P' saves me as an A4 sized PDF (or printed) for all you curious recruiters out there.

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  • Toy 🤖 Coding Challenge

    The Toy Robot Coding Challenge built in C# as an attempt to learn the fundamentals.

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  • that 🐈 page

    A project built to test my initial skills with SASS.

    Just calls an API to display images of cats.

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  • Tetris

    Building Tetris whilst at CoderAcademy to learn JavasScript logic for development.

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  • Compounding Interest Calculator

    Interest Calculator I built while at Coder Academy to test my VanillaJS skills

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